Customer Service(Utilities)

The Customer Service Department is responsible for the daily operations of utility billing (which includes water, sewer, sanitation), cash receipting, and other customer service tasks. The mission of this department is top quality customer care. Each employee in this department devotes serious effort and energy into making sure that our utility customers and other citizens are assisted in a timely manner.  We aim to record accurate monthly usage through monthly meter reading in preparation of creating bills that are error free. 

Waste Industries is now part of GFL Environmental. You may begin to see new containers and trucks in the coming weeks, but rest assured it's the same great team that you've always known sporting a new coat of paint. The transition will be seamless to our customers and there’s nothing you need to do on your end. However, we just want to keep you informed so that you are not alarmed if you receive a cart that’s a different color than your neighbor or if you see a different color truck servicing your container. I can assure you that we are committed to providing you with the same level of service you’ve always received.
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