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How do I know what age group my child will play?

Age control dates are:
Basketball Sept. 1, Softball Jan.1, Baseball May 1, Soccer Dec. 31, Cheerleading Sept. 1, Football September.1

Is there a rain-out hotline?

Rain-out line is 678-835-1073

Out-of-city/county fee?

 The out-of-county fee is $40

What teams might my child compete against?

Our teams could play against and travel to: Carroll County Rec. Dept., Bowdon, Temple, Mt. Zion, Bremen, Haralson Co., Tallapoosa, Heard Co., Cedartown, and Carrollton

What does my registration fee provide?

Uniforms, officials, and equipment expenses will be covered by registration fees.

How do I become a coach?

We register coaches during the same time as registration for kids. Coaches must complete background check and sport specific certification.

How are teams divided?

Teams are divided by skill level and every effort is made to make teams as even as possible.

Is my property in the city or county?

Each city is incorporated and sets their own rules and regulations. To find out if you are in a city or in the unincorporated Carroll County, start by looking up your property on Carroll Tax. If there is a letter in front of your parcel number, then you are in a municipality. No letter, you are in the county.

You can also call the Map Room at 770-830-5820.

Does my child need to attend skill evaluations?

Each child needs to attend at least one skill evaluation to aide in the dividing of teams. Kids that do not attend will be placed on teams at random.