Crime Prevention Tips

Villa Rica Police Department is kicking off a new campaign for the City of Villa Rica “Hide it, Lock it, or Lose it”

The Hide It, Lock It or Lose It Campaign is asking community members to become proactive in helping prevent thefts from unlocked vehicles. The concept is easy. Take all valuables from your unattended vehicle or if that is not possible hide them from view. Then, take the time to make sure that your vehicle is locked. If not, these valuable items become a temptation to individuals who prey on stealing from unsecured vehicles. Larcenies from vehicles are often crimes of opportunity. In recent weeks we have had several car break ins in which almost 90% of the cars were unlocked.

Thieves love the quick, easy score. Nothing is easier than walking to an unlocked car, opening the door, and rummaging through the contents of the vehicle. Unlocked doors mean deactivated alarm systems, which means the thieves have a low risk of alerting anyone to their presence.

Next up on their list are vehicles with valuables in plain sight. The only thing standing between and thief and your purse/electronics/valuable items left out in the open is a piece of safety glass. Someone can break your car window, snatch your belongings, and run off in less time than it takes to read this sentence. So if you leave something in your car, hide it from plain view to make your vehicle a less tempting target. We also recommend hiding charging cables, as they could be an indicator to thieves that you have left an electronic device charging in your car.

The best advice of all though, is never leave anything in your car that you don’t have to. If it doesn’t pertain to the operation of a motor vehicle, it probably doesn’t have to stay in your car.

To find out more about how Villa Rica neighbors are joining together to reduce these crimes please contact:  Captain Parker 678-840-1312, Chief Mansour 678-840-1310, or SGT Ethredge 678-840-1333

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