Crime Tip-Domestic Violence

What is It?

Domestic Violence is the result of one person using violence or the threat of violence to get control and keep control over another person. Battering occurs in marriages, dating relationships and between couples living together. Just as there are not typical battered women, there is no typical batterer. Batterers come in every race, sex, religion, age, profession and social and economic class.

80% of Young men between the ages of 11-20 who are doing time for homicide- Killed their Mother’s batterers.

Signs to watch for

While there is no definitive way to identify a potential batterer, there are some signs to watch for:

  1. Quick involvement; wants to make a serious commitment early in the relationship
  2. Extreme jealousy and possessiveness
  3. Isolates you from family, friends and coworkers
  4. Humiliates you or calls you names
  5. Blames others for his/her actions
  6. Is cruel to small children and animals
  7. Has abused women in the past; tells you “she had it coming” or “she made me do it”
  8. Throws objects or uses force during arguments
  9. Breaks or destroys your personal property, especially objects of importance to you

Cycle of Violence

  • Phase 1: Tension Building ““ Minor incidents of abuse that gradually build in severity.
  • Phase 2: Acute Battering Incident ““ Marked by explosive and uncontrollable rage.
  • Phase 3: Honeymoon Period ““ A calm time with the abuser displaying loving behavior. Feels guilty about beating says it will never happen again. May even cry and beg forgiveness.

How to get help

Once a pattern of abuse has been established, the assaults often become more frequent and more violent over time. Domestic Violence can be an overwhelming experience for everyone in the household. Concerned people are available to help. The first step means having the courage to reach out for help.

You are not alone!!

For more information, please contact the Carroll County Domestic Violence Shelter at 770-834-1141.