Proposed 2019 Villa Rica Zoning Ordinance

The Zoning Ordinance for the City of Villa Rica is being redrafted in its entirety.  The current ordinance has numerous flaws and the application of zoning districts has been applied haphazardly at best.  The Ordinance and zoning map is being redrafted and new zoning classifications are being applied based on current use and densities.  The project was kicked off with the Forensic Audit of the Villa Rica Zoning Ordinance in March of 2019.  Critical findings of the Audit revealed several prominent flaws in the existing code, including:

  • Nonconforming residential lots: 36% citywide
  • Misapplication of zoning onto incompatible land uses
  • Lack of flexibility in applying non-residential uses to the appropriate zoning districts
  • Lack of modernization with respect to new illustrations, land use trends, and updated development standards.

The accompanying Villa Rica Zoning Ordinance as presented attempts to bring the City’s Zoning Ordinance into the 21st Century. 


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